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Our community can help you to grow your digital asset portfolio.

Members of eziStake benefit from the ability to tokenise and fractionalise their real, and digital assets and use our platform and marketing to grow their portfolio within our community. We offer our members access to a Tokenisation Platform, so that they are able to Tokenise Assets - from NFTs to Real Estate!


Why Fractional Real Estate?

With the Ezistake platform you can tokenise any assets of value.

Access to Quality Assets

Quality is our main goal! Every project listed with eziStake is checked over carefully by our Admissions Team, to ensure that it meets our high standards for quality before it becomes available to our clients to invest in.

Investor Protection

We keep our investors protected by keeping our platform, our services, and any listings on eziSake highly regulated. We are an AUSTRAC approved business, and are committed to keeping your investments safe.

Blockchain Security

Protecting your assets through the use of Blockchain technology is one of the safest ways to invest in your future. We use the Blockchain to safely verify, and keep track of all of the projects listed within our platform.

Trade 24/7

Our members benefit from the ability to trade on our cryptocurrency exchange platform PIPezi, from anywhere in the world, at any time – you never know when opportunity might come knocking, and with our easy-to-access platform and services, you can be ready at any moment

Performance Tracking

We believe that it is important for our members to keep track of their investments’ performance, so that they can benefit and grow by learning all about what works best for them.

Legal Compliance

We are fully AUSTRAC approved, and we maintain a strict Know Your Business and Know Your Customer process and database, in order to keep up with all of our legal obligations. It is our mission to provide a safe service for all of our members.



Aaron Cassar

CEO & Director of eziStake;
Co-Founder of Piptle

Paul at ezistake

Paul Niederer

Director of eziStake


Brett Wilkins Byrd

Compliance Manager


Lachlan Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer & Paralegal

Why you should consider tokenised real estate as part of your digital asset portfolio?

Passive Income

Token ownership gives you access to a portion of rental income. The properties are managed by experienced professionals so you can relax and enjoy your earnings.

No Paperwork

Forget about the paperwork associated with real estate transactions. The process is digitalized and your property ownership is securely recorded on blockchain..

Low Entry Barriers

Low minimum investment amounts give you exclusive access to commercial real estate in the US – the industry traditionally hard to enter.


Thanks to lower minimum investment amounts than in traditional real estate, you can invest in multiple properties and portfolios, diversifying your income streams.


Fractionalisation is going to revolutionise the way people create, sell, and collect assets on the internet. NFT’s now represent assets and proof of ownership, and are the largest category of transactions carried out on the Ethereum blockchain.
eziStake offer a potential opportunity for YOU to take advantage of this unique moment in time, and have your assets sold, publiscise your portfolio to a wider market, and market your assets in ways that until recently, did not exist.
This will help you, as an entrepreneur, an owner, a collector, or creator to prevent your asset from getting stuck on a marketplace where it may never get sold - let our eziStake Fractionalisation Platform help empower your digital asset portfolio’s growth like never before!

How does it work?

Here at eziStake, our members can have the ability to project manage their assets on our platform - allowing them to easily take control of the profitability of their listings, and uniquely tailor their listed projects with us to their needs. If you have a house, an NFT, a collection of artworks, or even a multi-million dollar car-park, and you want to learn more about how you can benefit from providing your asset to our platform, please check out our steps below to learn more.

Select a Digital Asset, Property or Portfolio you are interested in

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Tokenization of Real Estate – Best Practices

Tokenization of Real Estate – Best Practices Real Estate Tokenization, the ezistake Platform and the Real Estate Tokenization Processes


An industry overview made by our business analyst for late Q1 2021